Terms of Service

This website is a peer-to-peer service connecting private jet ski owners with people looking to privately rent jet skis across San Diego beaches. By using our website, you understand that we will connect you with these owners but are not affiliated with them in any manner. Jet skis are listed by owners for rental and are available for usage in San Diego. I understand that I am responsible for myself and my well-being while using these jet skis. 

Under these terms, I agree that San Diego Watercrafts, LLC. will not be held liable for personal bodily injury or harm to me or anyone in my party. I understand I will be charged extra fees if I do not return the jet skis by the previously arranged time. 

I agree that I am responsible for any damage that occurs while the jet ski is in my possession, and agree to be held liable for any extra fees if the jet ski is not returned in its original condition. 

By usage of our services, I agree to these conditions.

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